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Exclusive Opportunity
To Be The Host Of Your Own Community Video Show.


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  • Done for You Scripting and Editing

  • Training and Coaching

  • Collaboration and Support

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  • Managed Ads

  • Audience building

  • Retargeting

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Learn from Pro's

  • Live Weekly Sessions

  • One on One as needed

  • Online Course



  • Cut Through The Noise

  • Manage Your Ads

  • Retargeting



  • Optimized Your Titles

  • Written Descriptions

  • Engaging Thumbnails



  • Videos for your IGTV

  • Start a Series

  • Stand Out

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  • We help you decide what to record.

  • We write the script.

  • We edit the video.

  • Then we drive traffic so people see you as an authority.

  • Build trust and win more referrals.

You just continue doing what you love and reap the benefits of great community videos.

Be Seen

Together, we will create a video marketing strategy that works for you. We manage the editing and marketing process so that you are seen on social media as a community influencer which will attract business and allow you to build relationships.

Be Respected

You'll be seen as a supporter of local businesses, the economy and the community. This will lead to more influential relationships, strengthen your reputation and it will create more opportunities to attract business.

Be Referred

Up to 72% of your business comes from your SOI, are past clients or know you from the community. By staying top of mind and bringing good content about the community, they will see you as a trusted local resource to refer their friends and family to.


Stand Out

  • Stand Out Like a Professional

  • Build a Following

  • Be Recognized in the Community

Team work


  • Leverage Our Team and System

  • Managed Editing and Marketing

  • Confidence in a national brand



  • Grow an Elite Networking Group

  • Follow the Blueprint

  • Receive 60% of the revenue

Trusted Nationally 

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Video Editing Specs

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We edit your video to the following specs.

  • 1 full length 16x9

  • 1 60 second 9x16

  • 1 60 second 1x1

To be used on

  • Youtube

  • Facebook

  • IG - Feed and Reels

  • Google My Business

  • Linked In

  • TikTok


1 video is turned into multiple pieces of content to be used everywhere.

Community Web Page

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Integrated with Facebook

Web page automatically updates from your Facebook posts and Youtube playlist.

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Press Release

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Massive social proof

"As Seen On NBC, FOX, CBS, USA Today" is a must-have trust element proven to increase conversions and get you more sales.

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Social Media Graphics

Graphics Templates

Receive access to the exclusive graphics library which is updated monthly. Fully customizable in Canva. This helps to keep you looking professional online.

Area Exclusivity

You become an Exclusive Partner in your service area.

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Elite Business Networking 

Build an Elite Networking Group that will allow you, and your members, to stand out on social media with video like no other program.

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Why I created Explore My Town

By: Johnny Mo

I have a dream to help communities across the country. Since small businesses are the backbone of the local economy it made sense to start there. One day I pondered how I could make a bigger impact and accomplish this dream?

Over my coaching career creating thoughtful videos, B to B networking, and giving back to the community played a central role in the regimen.
Then it dawned on me, my clients need help with production, editing and marketing. If I made a system that allows them to leverage a production and marketing team then I can reach small businesses around the country through my clients. We will promote the business while building relationships, look like pro's on video and create opportunities.
Since we are in the relationship business it all made sense.

And Explore My Town was born.

Johnny Mo

PS. If you've been waiting for a sign,


Fully Managed

  • We write the Scripts

  • Edit your videos

  • Manage the ads

  • Receive a Explore My Town Website and FB Page

  • Coaching / Training

3 Plans to Serve You

Self Managed

  • We write the Scripts

  • We Edit your videos

  • You Manage the ads

  • Receive a Explore My TownWebsite and FB Page

  • Coaching / Training

Editing Only

  • We write the Scripts

  • We Edit your videos

  • You Manage