Marketing & Distribution

Image by Brett Jordan


We will write the post for your page that will get attention. You simply post it and we turn that post in to an ad and use in retargeting, which is the secret weapon. Your audience and the community will see your video and it will continually attract new people to the audience. Plus share to your pages for maximum engagement from your sphere of influence.

Image by NordWood Themes


Youtube is one of the most powerful places to be for video. We will post your video to the company Youtube channel (we need the link for the website mentioned in the next section). We will find a descriptive title that will rank and will write the description to do the same. We encourage and give you everything to post to your channel.

Image by William Krause

Everywhere else

We render videos in 3 sizes so you can use then on IGTV, Linked In and we make a <60 second version so you can put it on TikTok and build a following, driving traffic to your Youtube and Instagram.

This will give you a full reach covering all the platforms both through the companies and your personal channels. Think of being seen everywhere.