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5 Components of Video Marketing

Updated: Jul 15, 2021

It is no secret that video marketing is where it’s at. The stats prove it so there really is no denying it any longer. You must start thinking, if you are not already, of a video marketing strategy.

Yes, I said Strategy.

Not just making videos, but the strategy behind it and what will happen. Otherwise, you may end up with a contentless piece of rambling junk or worse, the best video in the world but no idea on what to do with it.

Have you ever asked yourself “How can I make video marketing work in my market or how do I do video marketing?”

There are 5 components to a video marketing strategy that should be considered.

1. Content: Step one is Content.

What will your video be about? a.k.a.Subject Matter.

Are you making a series?

Who will be in the video?

What will be said?

I train everyone at Explore My Town to use Trello (or whatever they want) to plan out some ideas. Places they enjoy or know people work well to start. Some ideas are videos about the town, places of interest, basically what life is like. This is a great neutral, non-intrusive way to learn to get comfortable on video.

What are your interests? You can work with everyone to attract your tribe. People with a similar interest tend to engage a little bit more since they can relate to the subject.

Are you into Health and Fitness? Then talk about health and fitness, go-to healthy options eateries and make a video. Maybe make your favorite smoothie and make a video. Whatever you like… You are the artists and the canvas is blank

2. Equipment: It literally takes nothing to get it going.

This is such a comical one, really. Often people are hesitant because they “Don’t have the equipment”. Almost all of our partners use their mobile phones. Yes that is correct, they use their phones. All phones have great cameras to deliver 1080dpi video, and nothing more is currently required.

What we really need though is good audio. We recommend a good set of wireless lav mics. The ones I use are made by Movo and are about $180 on Amazon. Bad audio can ruin a good video so this really is a critical component.

Finally, we need to consider stabilization. There are many options for this. Tripods, smooth or various gimbles. I personally use the Switchpod. It is fast, durable and just cool IMO.

But that is really it for the equipment list at Explore My Town. Nothing fancy right?

3. Editing: Now this is getting deep…

Good editing can take an average or dank video and turn it into a showcase. But you need to take some things into consideration.

Who will do your editing?

If it is you, what editing system will you use? There are dozens of options with all sorts of flavors. Some are online, others you download.

Do you know one or will you have to learn?

Then again, there are third parties as well. Make sure if you are dealing with a 3rd party they can do what you want in a timely manner. For me I want to see projects turned around within 3 business days. 2 is even better.

Speaking of when… You must schedule time - Time Blocking - As a coach I love to talk about Time Blocking…

Don’t forget about storage. Ya, always a rookie mistake. Clean out your download folder too.

4. Distribution: Oh boy it’s getting deeper.

But the deeper we go the more important it is, otherwise, your video just may not be seen. Here you need to determine which social media you will be posting on, what the write-up and headline will be, what the thumbnail will look like.

Where else will it go? I like to write blogs (just like this one) and embed my video. Then I can distribute it across platforms, in email and in other areas. Since it has some optimization to it, hopefully it gets picked up organically by Google, but then again we also run ads so I can distribute it there too.

How are you going to get this delivered to your Sphere of Influence? Will you deliver a video newsletter? Tag them on social media? Send a PM?

That is why I am saying you need a plan. Otherwise it is just a bowl of cooked spaghetti on a plate. We use Monday to stay organized and there are literally 24 tasks for my video and blog. Each one gets checked off in order and it’s a breeze. But, you need to plan it.

5. Retention: If ya don’t know, now ya know...

This might just be the least talked about thing on all the internet which delivers the most value. Social Media is a pay-to-play game if you want to use it at a high level for lead generation and influencer marketing. The way the algorithm works is simple, if your post gets engagement, it sticks around. If it doesn’t, it is dropped like a hot potato.

By running the proper multi-point retargeting ads you can build a following, continue receiving engagement month after month and reap the benefits of video. You can also have an optimized title and description, along with a good video that can live on YouTube for ever and be found week after week.

In summary, that is why I say you need a strategy. It is just too easy to get off track and sabotage your efforts. However, I am confident that with a plan, discipline and action you can make the strategy come to life.

If you would like to learn more about Explore My Town and what we offer please visit

Till next time,

Johnny Mo

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