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7 Steps to Increase Productivity

Updated: Jul 15, 2021

Organize, Prune and Focus

It seems that when we are selling real estate there are always a million things going on and that the to-do list never ends. Our days are filled with stress because there is no 9-5. There are so many things that need to be accomplished and when those things are done, we need to repeat them. Prospect, Data Entry, Show Properties, CMA, Negotiate, Email, Call, football magnets, baseball magnets, holiday cards. It never ends…

A few things that you can do to help you remove the stress from the day and gain more time:

We know that leveraging time is so important, to remove certain tasks or reduce certain tasks and stay focused on the high-yielding activities that pay us. Some of these suggestions may seem rudimentary but you should never stray from the basics.

1. Make a To-Do list every evening (or 1st thing in the morning). Then move all the high yield activities to the top. Focus on those highest-yielding activities and move your way down the list. This is done daily.

2. Review expenses and ROI then remove any expense that is not needed or give you a good ROI. Keeping money is as important as making it. I remember one time I spent thousands on a direct mail campaign. I did not receive anything after many months so I scrapped it because there were other ideas we were doing that were giving us an ROI.

3. Time to Grow. You must set some time aside to learn to grow. I prefer doing this first thing in the morning. But if you eat lunch, you can set up a video or webinar and eat while you learn. You must also take some time to think and reflect on everything. By doing so it will show you whether you are on the right track or not. Increase your knowledge to increase everything else. This includes personally and professionally. This also includes working out in some form. This will give you the energy that you need to dominate all day long.

4. Remove negative people and time suckers. This is so important because they can drain you. Whether personal or business, they are everywhere. I remember one kid in the office, full of ambition, always wanted to talk and chit-chat. I would walk right by and say good morning, he would follow me talking about all sorts of nonsense. I would reach my office and say, “Hey I am really busy and need to get ready for a meeting, it was good to catch up.” That happened a few times until he got the hint.

5. Know your numbers. This is so important, they are the GPS to your success. You must make time to look at the numbers to ensure you are in the right direction or maybe you need to make some changes. But to ignore them, it will lead you to failure and burnout. This includes appointments, sales, contacts and pendings.

6. Know your follow-up plan. I cannot say this enough. The Money Is In The Follow Up. Look at your follow up and pipeline every single day. Did you do everything possible to bring any of this to an appointment or sale?

7. Document your vision. I save the best for last. If you truly want to become more productive you need to have your vision documented in several ways and look at it daily, even just for 30 seconds. Keeping it top of mind is so important and a secret to the law of attraction. Know I should not have to state the obvious, which is, it needs to be in a document and clearly defined. This is a given. I am going to share two ideas that are powerful.

The first is with a vision board. Traditionally you would cut out pictures from a magazine and paste them on a poster board. However I live in the digital world and do not have any magazines, what do I have? Canva and Google! Google the exact thing you desire, whatever it is. Then upload to Canva and make your board. I would then send it to Staples or some other place capable of printing 18x24 glossy. Mind also had checkmarks. Watch this video to see how I did it. Making a Vision Board with Canva

The second is Mind Mapping. This is a process I learned many years ago and when I saw Walk Disney’s Mind Map I fell in love with the process. This allows you to start to do a brain dump on an idea. You connect ideas, steps and stages and before you know it you have an entire vision on a page that is logical and makes sense. This helps when building automations and process flows too because it allows you to see the choke points.

I use MindMup almost every day to review, update and understand certain things.

There ya have it.. 7 steps to increase productivity. I hope you enjoyed it.

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Till next time,

Johnny Mo

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