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​​Apple iOS 14 and Facebook Ads

You don't have to listen to a word that I say. Just look at what the big platforms and the big companies are doing. What's going on with IOS 14 that have any impact on your ads. I hear ads are costing more, they're not as effective. What's in store with the email privacy for iOS 15. This is why you need to attract an audience versus trying to mine them through these systems.

Because privacy's a real thing. Video with explore my town can help you in this aspect because we're not trying to sell anything. We're trying to help other people and promote the community and the small businesses inside of the community. So people see that they want to see more of it.

You understand, it's about attraction, it's about networking, it's about getting people to reach out to you and say, hey man, I want to do business with you. We can help you in that area. You just have to ask.

Till Next time,

Johnny Mo

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