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Financial Knowledge is Key

It’s cool making money in this game, but the #1 thing I see that destroys people? Lack of financial knowledge. We have been programmed for a W2 system, but we’re rebels and we like the 1099 life. You can bring in as much money as you want, but none of it will matter if you don’t learn to manage that money. This means we need to learn how to process the flow of money properly as a business.

I learned the hard way. If you learn from my experience, perhaps you don’t have to.

Making money is the easy part. Multiplying it is the fun part. Keeping it is the game that makes or breaks you. When you understand the game of money, taxes, and wealth creation, you focus differently.

Commit this to memory: less Tiktok, more Quickbooks. More Audio Books. More Paper Books.

Spend a few hours per week learning about business finance, how the stock and crypto markets work, insurance products for wealth creation, how to leverage money as a person and/or business, and trusts, so you can protect it all.

Invest in YOU. But more importantly, PROTECT YOURSELF!

Put the right team around you. That team can include an estate lawyer, CPA, financial advisor, business attorney, and business banker. Each member of this team can help you strengthen various parts of your wealth-building strategy. Michael Gerber calls this team “the Home Office.” Build up that office to build your wealth.

Always remember the journey is the point of the journey.

Till Next Time,

Johnny Mo

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