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How to Build a Business By Design

Updated: Jul 15, 2021

Building a Business or life by design is often referenced in the industry. But just like many other cliché statements it means nothing until you start to peel it back. So you want to be a top agent, build a team or whatever. To put it on paper and then all the wall is a great first step. But there is so much more to it than that.

First and foremost you need to define what it is that you want in your Personal, Business, Family, Financial and Spiritual / Religious goals.

The people I have coached want them to define the 3 most important things in each realm. Then make a game plan to acquire it. Now, nothing else matters much. We just defined the most important things to you.

By defining what it is they want which will bring peach or a feeling of achievement, acting upon it and acquiring it you bring a sense of accomplishment to your inner belief and core systems. Similar to an onion, there are many more layers that need to be peeled back.

One of my training concepts is 30 in 30.

30 Sales per year working 30 hours per week.

Yes I can teach you how to do 50, 75 or 100+ but that is not the Business by Design model I want for myself so I will focus on 30 in 30.

By understanding what ALL my goals are I am able to make a game plan to achieve the results.

Before I explain that you must understand what I call the Peace Axis.

This is the axis point on a chart where enough money is made to give you the life you desire crosses the amount of hours you are willing to work. Of course the more money you want, the more hours you work.

After you truly define what you want for income you can create that point.

See in my personal world I have goals.

Lose weight, become a better presenter etc.

Family is to be with my children as much as possible, pick them up from school and go to their sporting events. I am not going to go through all of them, you get the jist.

So by understanding my business and my business numbers I know I need to make 3 unique and qualified appointments per week. This translates to about 30 warm contacts or 90 cold contacts. Of course this is all based upon the sales price that I desire which is the 300,000 range.

Now time management and discipline comes into play. I create a schedule that I will call warm, cold and nurtured. I do not miss these times at all. If I must, I add to the next couple of days.

By blocking 2 hours per day 3 days a week I am able to make my required calls. So this is 6 hours. I spend 6 hours per week doing social ads or looking for things my clients post which I can utilize with Send Out Cards.

This leaves 18 hours per week for appointments and paperwork.

Seeing I prospect only for sellers, I work only with buyers which are referred, are my sellers or call on my listings. Since I set my desired sales price at 300,000 I am not getting a whole bag of buyers in every possible price range.

Any buyers that are not as a result of the above are referred out. I know some will say But Build a team. But Hire a Buyer's agent. I don’t want to. I did that and I prefer my nice little method. It is what works for me and is by design.

You can design whatever you want.

This goal gives me what I seek. Nice income, Time with Family, Money in Savings, Time to volunteer and time for myself. This is why it is so important to define what you want and what is the axis point of peace for you.

It is human nature to desire bigger, better and more. But that is not what brings peace and happiness. Knowing what you want and achieving it in all sectors of life does.

So now I just blurted that out there and maybe even confused some, please understand I have been in the business for 17 years, I have sold a lot of real estate, reached all levels of awards, I have done residential and REO. So to work like this may not happen overnight. I know what I like and don’t like and focus only on what I want to do. You do what works for you…

Really it is that simple. Oftentimes agents get so busy doing a whole bunch of things but what they need to do is become amazing at one or two, have consistency and patience.

Once you plan it and start doing, you need to keep the beast on course. You have the ability to make a great living but understand it takes time. If you build your business by design you will reduce stress and increase focus. Remember, it is OK to say NO.

Recap in Steps

Step 1. Set goals in all 5 sector

Step 2. Create action plans for each goal

Step 3. Define the income you desire

Step 4. Decide how many hours you desire to invest

Step 5. Create a time managed schedule

Step 6. DO IT and have the discipline to continue

Step 7. Maximize. Do the most productive thing possible at any given moment.

Step 8. Track and Adjust as needed.

Step 9. Repeat.


Johnny Mo

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