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How To Make Marketing Videos For Social Media

I'm often asked what is the most effective way to make video and do video marketing.

So my answer to that is YES, everything works and nothing doesn't.

If you're going after the long-form, which is the YouTube or Facebook watch kind of thing, then you're gonna miss the shorts and the reels and the stories.

You've got to make a variety of videos depending on the platform and the specifications.

Instagram alone has stories, it has reels, it has an in-line feed, it has IGTV. So there are four, unique ways that you can be doing video just on Instagram.

Repurposing your content is really vital to make a bunch of content. It isn't as difficult as you might think.

You just need to determine which platform you are posting to, and the requirement. For instance, Stories and Reels like 9x16, IG inline feed likes 1x1, YouTube is best 16x9.

Stories are 20 seconds, Reels up to 60 seconds, and so on. So when you know where you are posting you can make an editing checklist and template. Then just edit to your specifications and Boom, you have a ton of content for all the platforms.

Yes, I make it sound that easy to make a video marketing strategy because, when you have the right tools, you have the right training, you have the right team behind, think about going to PartnerWithMyTown.Com and see what we do and Explore My Town.

Till Next time,

Johnny Mo

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