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How to Pick a Video Style that Works for You

Updated: Jul 23, 2021

Here is the thing, I dislike the term “video,” because it is thrown around everywhere. There are so many variables to the term. If you have followed me for a while, then you know that I have mentioned dozens of ways to use video in different ways outside of social media.

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This article is too important to dive back into those. I’d rather take my time explaining this crucial piece of video, which is not discussed much. If you can crack this code then you will open up a new horizon for your video marketing strategy.

First, do not feel pressure to be like everyone else. You must show your unique authenticity. People can smell through the fraud and if you want anyone to follow you, they need to believe in the message you are presenting.

Second, think of creating video through the eyes of the DISC assessment. What I mean is a High D and a High I are very different. Same with the S and the C. They all have different traits, mannerisms and likes, and so should your videos. That is why the first thing I mentioned is to be authentic.

If you are authentic, but do not have the confidence to be so on camera, that is fine, for now. There are many other ways to make videos without you in them. You can have different tours or narrate walk-throughs without you in the frame. You can do screen shares that do not have you in them, or that show you minimally. Canva allows you to do a presentation and will record your head only.

What do YOU like?

What do YOU want to do?

What do YOU want it to be like?

Some people say to do short videos on YouTube for 2-3 minutes. Others say 10 minutes plus.

Do you know what is right?

What you say is right!

Nobody else, this is your symphony! Conduct it how you want.

Do you want to do household tips?

Do it.

How about community videos?

Go ahead.

Want to do tours of your area?

Nothing should stop you.

Want to do motivational videos?

Love to watch them.

Be authentic, that is the key. When you are authentic and do what you enjoy it builds passion and confidence. And when you grow passion and confidence, you will try other things and continue to evolve and create.

If you need help with video consider taking a look at Explore My Town, a done for your video production and marketing platform.

Till next time,

Johnny Mo

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