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How to Use Video to Get Leads

How many times have you sat in front of your screen thinking I need more referrals? Referrals are the lifeblood of a real estate agent. Referrals come from existing relationships and a solid community presence built on trust.

That all starts with knowing how to ask for that referral, but also how your clients want to be asked for that referral. The best way, video marketing! Use me as an example. In this month alone I will receive 100 leads from my videos on YouTube and Facebook combined.

I'm going to show you some key steps on how to do this yourself successfully:

1) Scripting - This is where you get your message across clearly using 80% of your words or less. It can't be all about you.

2) Editing- Yes, these videos need to be edited and they need a good intro and outro video. At explore my town we use a lot of b roll in our videos too.

3) Marketing - You want to get the most out of every video you make, this is where I bring in my team of marketers who help me generate leads from each one of these posts that get published on YouTube, Facebook, and more. Last but not least what's going to separate you from everybody else is how well your post performs with your community. Once it has been posted on social media it needs to be shared by your friends and family so that they can give you some feedback on the message being delivered or how you're coming across. Many great reviews are what give leverage when asking for a referral.

- Referrals

- Video marketing

Note the use of keywords in bold and a link to a page about video marketing. For customer testimonials, it would be appropriate to have each person speak directly to the camera without any background noise so that they sound professional and are easy to hear. In addition, try sending out a survey or simply asking your customers what feedback they would like to leave on how their real estate experience went from start to finish with you.

So Do you want more referrals? The number one way to do this is with video. I know you hear it every day, do video, do video, do video, but how. We approach video differently. We're going to script, edit and we're even going to market and run the ads for your videos.

All you need to do, shoot the video, you're going to get thousands of views and dozens of shares. Do you want people reaching out to you? Do you want to be remembered, leverage my team of editors and marketers, and build your reputation as the go-to community expert in your town?

At explore my town. We partner with brokers and agents who support their local community and who want to be positioned as the local expert who is known, liked, trusted, and referred. Does this sound like you? Go to "partner with my town. Com" to learn more or to book an appointment?

Till Next time,

Johnny Mo

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