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Networking: The Secret to Success

If there is any one thing I can attribute my success to, it is networking. It did not matter if I was selling real real estate, building a software company, building a training company or finding investors for development projects. Everything came down to this critical skill. Today I want to talk to you about how you can use Explore My Town, combined with networking, to create a continuous flow of business.

All too often in real estate, we are focused on transactions. But real estate should be a relational business, not a transactional one. People want to work with agents who are generous, who have integrity, and who are pure in nature. Being a giver within your community shows that you are this kind of person. When we focus our business on helping people and building relationships, something magical happens: we attract business.

Networking is all about building relationships. The kind of relationships I want to focus on today are B to B, or Business to Business. I’m a firm believer that leveraging B to B relationships is the best way to accelerate your own business immensely.

The key to networking is that it needs to be a two-way street. How can you help an organization reach their goals? What can you provide to them that will benefit both you and them, in the process? Figuring out something like this to offer others, and then getting the word out about it, is one of the main challenges here. It is a lot of work to nurture relationships and to find mutually beneficial ways to continuously get in front of people. It can get overwhelming to always be coming up with new ways to do so, and then to implement them on a regular basis.

This is where Explore My Town can be a game-changer for you and your business.

At Explore My Town, we focus on helping you create opportunities for you to get in front of business owners in your community as a vehicle for making new connections. It is the perfect combination of both video marketing and networking. Explore My Town provides you with a reason to reach out to businesses and gives you a service to offer them, which immediately makes your networking efforts far more effective.

We teach you how to reach out to business owners and provide them with a professionally-edited video to promote their services. We provide you with all of the support you need to film incredible videos. After your video is complete, we have professional digital marketers who promote your video locally, often resulting in thousands of views and dozens of shares. We help you position yourself as a local expert who gives back to the community. But maybe even more importantly, we help you create ways to network with business owners and their employees, to get in front of them and offer them something that can help their business grow. Along the way, you are tapping into their vast network of fans and followers, gaining more notoriety for yourself, and recognition as someone who cares about the community. In this way, you are building relationships with people you haven’t even met in person. You are also creating friendships with business owners, which can translate to more and more people who are recommending you and your services.

So many agents are waiting for the phone to ring. Cut that crap out right now. If you want something, make it happen. Create your own reason to get in front of people, your own ecosystem. You build it, and they will come. Let Explore My Town be the ecosystem you build.

Til Next Time,

Johnny Mo

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