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Tell Stories of Other People

There are many hurdles people encounter when people are first starting out on their journey of creating video content for real estate marketing. Directing, editing, knowing which equipment to use and how to use it, and even finding the time, are a few examples of things people struggle with.

Overall, what we find that holds people back from doing video is usually some form of knowledge, fear, or limiting belief. But today, I want to eliminate at least one of those fears from your list: not knowing what to say.

In today’s digital world, there are distractions at every turn. People are bombarded all day long with shiny new objects and videos, all trying to do the same thing: capture the attention of their audience. What do people need and want to see, in order to stop scrolling and watch what you’re creating? Does your hair have to be perfect? Do you have to hold the microphone a certain way? No! What you have to do is reel them in with a story. This story is what will capture their attention and cause them to forget that they might be watching an advertisement. This is called consumable content. The more consumable content you put out, the more you’re going to rank, the more views you’ll see, the more popular you become.

The core of all marketing is a story. Everyone loves to hear stories about just about anyone, as long as that story is compelling. The beauty of this fact is that every single person in the world just so happens to also have a story. And if you’re on the hunt for that story, you’ll find it.

Call up your local business owners. Get to know them. Get to know their business. Meet their employees. Make a video with them that you can broadcast to your audience. Don’t make videos about YOU, and real estate. People get tired of hearing about market updates and why they should work with you as a realtor. Turn the focus away from yourself and toward others. That’s the way to never run out of content that people want to see.

You’ll have endless content by showcasing local businesses and positioning yourself as a local expert. When you interview business owners and their employees, look for the story. Where has the struggle been, and how did they overcome that struggle? When did they almost give up, but got a helping hand, or doubled down to work harder and lift themselves out of a hole? Which employee has been the loyal standout, who comes in early and leaves late, and loves their employer like family? How has this business taken a problem in your community and solved it? How have they taken positive things and improved upon them? How are they building up your community in constructive ways, and providing value to your audience? These are the things your audience will want to hear about.

The formula is simple: master storytelling, master video creation. Step outside of yourself and showcase the people around you. At Explore My Town, we script your videos and help you with this story. We also take all of those other worries off of your plate. You simply point your phone and record, we take care of the rest. We would love nothing more than to help position you as a local expert, and help you tell the stories of your community. If you need us with any of your video or marketing needs, please reach out to us.

Till Next Time,

Johnny Mo

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