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The Importance of Goals and Self Discipline in Business

Updated: Jul 15, 2021

We are going to cover Business goals but first I want to revisit the 5 Pillars of Goals






Oftentimes we do not hit our goals because of some limitation or lack of drive, clarity or motivation we self impose on ourselves.

However you are able to overcome whatever this self imposed limitation is with Self Discipline.

Self Discipline simply stated is Self Love.

Once you make this connection, things change.

For everything negative there is a positive.

Overweight - Discipline = Health

Smoke - Discipline = Health

Savings - Discipline = Wealth / Security

See going to the gym and eating healthy takes Self Discipline. By doing these activities you become healthier and what better way to say you love yourself than giving yourself the best chance of being healthy, living longer and being more flexible.

Not spending money on stupid things also takes Discipline. Look at your habits, are you buying things you don’t really need? Seeing my savings account increase shows me I love myself because I want to give myself security.

Think about it. Are you treating yourself like someone you love?

We need to make sure that we are filling up our cup and not forgetting ourselves by filling up everyone else's cup.

5 Pillars.

Think of 2 goals for each category

One is an immediate goal and one is a <5 year goal. If you are feeling brave, set a 3rd goal which is 1 10 year goal.


Immediate - Go to the gym, eat healthy, lose 20 lbs.

5 year goal - Purchase lake / beach house.


Immediate - Make enough to provide the quality of life we envision while having dinner and weekends together.

5 year goal - Take family to Italy


Immediate - Make enough income to reach my goals.

5 year - Transition to Listings only and hire buyers agent.


Immediate - Save 3 months worth the bills for a safety net.

5 year - have 100,000 in savings.


Immediate - Identify sources that cause pain and misery and start to eliminate them.

5 year. Find true inner peace and help others.

When these are conscious, when you strive daily to attain them, they will happen. You just need clarity and vision. However if you do not try daily you cheat yourself. Stop It Now.

Many people just quit or do not believe in themselves.

Look at this. I was listening to YouTube today. The person said I made a commitment to myself to always do 1 more rep when we were complete. Imagine that in real estate.

211 degree water is hot. 212 it is boiling. So what does 1 rep look like for us?

10 extra calls per day = 50 per week = 2500 calls per year. Old leads, cold calls, past clients, referral partners.

1 extra networking event per week with 10 conversations at each = 500 conversations per year

Do you think with 2500 calls and 500 conversations there is some business there? I firmly do.

If there is one thing I ask, I beg of you. Do not give me the BS excuse that you don’t have time. You do have time, it is just not prioritized correctly.

I am a single father, raised my 2 kids, sold real estate, built 2 businesses. I just can’t accept that excuse.

Till next time,

Johnny Mo

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