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The Power of Video Networking

Networking is an extremely powerful tool in real estate. Maybe even the most powerful tool. In this day of technology, many real estate agents have forgotten just how powerful it is to touch base with existing friends, and get out to meet new people.

Video is also an extremely powerful tool for realtors. Facebook, TikTok, and Instagram are all about video. If you’re not already filming videos for your real estate business, you might get left in the dust.

Now, imagine if you took both networking and video, and merged them together into an amazing lead generation system. Enter Explore My Town.

If networking and video marketing had a baby, it would be Explore My Town. We are teaching our partners to leverage videos as a vehicle to expand their sphere of influence beyond what they are capable of doing on their own. Our partners have something special to offer their community; a video showcase series, featuring local businesses, their owners, and their employees. While offering a valuable service to community members, realtors are also simultaneously expanding their influence, and growing their database.

Join me and my partners as we strengthen local economies and build thriving real estate businesses together. Schedule a call at to see if we’re a good match for your business.

Til Next Time,

Johnny Mo

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