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Let me tell you about the impact video can have on your real estate career.

I’m Johnny Mo. Let’s kick it.

I do a lot of videos. As a matter of fact, I focus an entire business around putting these videos out and helping others do the same. I do this because I have seen the reached video gets, and the impact it can have on those who do it consistently, and well.

Today, I want to focus on one thing that video helps you build with your potential clients: trust.

When you knock on doors, cold call, or send out mailers, you only have a few seconds to demonstrate to that potential client who you are and why they should work with you. But how do you accomplish that, with such limited time and contact?

What if that same potential client were to find your videos on social media? They’re scrolling along on their feed, and BAM, there you are. You’re smiling, you’re supporting local businesses and meeting the owners, you’re trying new food and activities. Now you’re a consumer, just like them. But more than that, you’re someone they can trust. They see you out in their own community, supporting the members, exposing them to new and exciting aspects of their own town. Now you’re someone they recognize and look forward to hearing from. It’s a totally different dynamic from what a realtor typically does in prospecting.

Imagine if you added videos about local market statistics, neighborhoods, and home tours, and talked to experts in the industry about how to do basic things in the home, such as maintaining HVAC systems, DIY projects, basic how-to videos, etc. Suddenly you’re far more than a typical real estate agent. Now, you’re a community expert, a housing expert, and a source of critical information. Most of all, you’re someone they can trust. Once someone knows they can trust you, they’re going to want to work with you. Being consistently in professional-quality and content-rich videos will also help you be top of mind when it’s time for someone in your audience to sell their home.

You can be a superstar in your local regional market. Video can help you get there. To find out more about how Explore My Town can help you, go to

Til next time,

Johnny Mo

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