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What to Talk about in Video

Updated: Nov 19, 2021

Videos are such an important component of any real estate agent’s social media game. But what is the one thing that prevents people from filming the videos? According to the people who attend my keynotes, they just don’t know what to say. In this article, I'm going to share with you how to build engaging content, and never run out of things to say!

I’m Johnny Mo, founder of Explore My Town. Let's kick it.

Your number one goal is to find things to talk about that are going to build engagement. To create the following that you seek, you need to step outside of your immediate circles and get out into the community. But how do we do that? By telling stories.

The core of marketing is storytelling. No matter what you’re selling, it is most effective to grab people’s attention when you’re telling those stories. When you do so with the people in your community, you will spark the interest of the people in your area, and you will become the area expert.

Go to a favorite local coffee shop, restaurant, clothing store, etc. Interview the owner and tell their story. How did they get started? Why that particular business? Meet some of their workers, interview customers, sample their product, and show off the interior and the inner workings of the shop.

Take this idea and repeat it with any number of local businesses. Not only will you never run out of content, but you’ll also meet new people and make new connections that could lead to more business for you, beyond your videos. In this way, you’re not only building your social media presence, but also your immediate sphere of influence.

With Explore My Town, not only do we edit the videos that you create, but we also script them for you. If you don’t know what to say, you don’t need to worry; we take care of that for you. We do everything we can to make the whole video process as easy as possible, from start to finish. To find out more about the benefits of becoming a partner, visit

Till next time,

Johnny Mo

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