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Where to Look When Making a Video

What is the number one thing that I see people doing wrong when recording video? I’m gonna tell you today. My name is Johnny Mo, and I’m the founder of Explore My Town.

Let’s kick it.

So much work goes into making a video. First, you have to decide on a topic. Next, research it and script out what you’re going to say. Then, you have to get everything set up, like the tripod and the lighting. Then, action! You’re on. You do the work, then you say what you want to say.

Imagine doing all that work, but then, right at the end, forgetting one very important detail: to look at the camera.

Looking into the camera is an essential part of connecting with your audience. There is something very different about watching a video where someone is looking directly at the camera, versus someone whose eyes are wandering, or look uncertain where they should be. Wandering eyes make you look confused and disinterested. Making that direct eye contact with the camera conveys confidence and ease, which is exactly the message you want to send to your clients through your videos.

The best way to work on this is to do some experimenting with your own camera. Most people have the screen side of the camera facing toward them when they film themselves. While this helps you to see what’s in the frame as you film, it also tends to be part of the problem, when it comes to not making eye contact with the camera. If you’re looking at yourself while you film yourself, then you will NOT be making eye contact with the camera. Instead, try looking at the green light at the top of your screen. This green light is right by the lens, which is exactly where you want your eyes to be.

Practice this before you film your next video. Sit down in front of the camera and look at the dot, right by the lens. Then watch it back, and make sure it looks right to you.

It sounds silly that you should have to practice looking at something, but it’s such an important part of filming a good video that it's worth the time and effort to make sure you’ve got it down.

Til next time,

Johnny Mo

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