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Hey, I’ve got a question for you: when was the last time that you were online? Chances are, you were online five minutes ago. Did you like anything? Did you comment? Did you share? Did you post? Did you see a video? Did you look at a story? Chances are high that you did at least 3 of these things.

Now, what do you remember most about what you saw the last time you were online? Do you remember a post with just text or one with the video? I’m willing to bet that you can name more videos you’ve recently watched than posts you’ve recently read.

The video is memorable. That’s why YouTube is video only, and Instagram just announced they’re going video first. Facebook will be following suit soon. If you want to stand out and really reap some serious rewards, you need to be doing video.

We can agree that everyone is online. You're online. I'm online. Everybody's online. So, the best way to be discovered by your potential real estate clients is to make videos and market them online.

So, what is stopping you? Are you looking for content? Uncertain how to film the video? Maybe you don’t know how to edit, or don’t have the time or equipment. Even if you could accomplish all of those things, would you know how to market those videos?

If you need content, start by supporting local. Become an expert in your community by meeting local business owners, and making videos that spotlight what they offer your community. You’ll not only make a connection with that business owner, but also with their employees, and possibly even with some of their customers. Then, when people see you in a video promoting their favorite coffee shop, they’re more likely to trust you and want to work with you.

Once you’ve found a business to spotlight, then what? How do you go about filming the video? At Explore My Town, you find the business, we write the script. All you need is a tripod, a phone, some simple audio equipment, and BAM; you’re ready to film a professional-quality video.

Still nervous about how to find the time and ability to edit the footage? All the professional-quality video in the world means nothing if it isn’t properly edited. At Explore My Town, we hire professional editors to do that work for you. You send us the footage, we send you a finished, beautiful product.

A beautiful finished product is nothing without an audience to see it. At Explore My Town, we market the video for you. And I’m not talkin’ about little ol’ post boosting ads. We use the pros who can get the video in front of the right people: the people who want to work with YOU.

So, what are you waiting for? We have all of the ingredients you need to make amazing videos and expand your reach. Let’s get you signed up and!

Till next time,

Johnny Mo

For more information, check us out at

If you want graphics and editing join MyVidLab

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