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3 options to choose from


In the VidPro Certification you will learn:

The importance of video

Current trends

Platform requirements

How to edit

Best practices for Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Google

Keyword research

Distribution strategy

Blogs / Newsletters

SEO Ideas

You will learn everything that you need to implement a video marketing strategy on Social, Google and Digital.

$199 individual

$999+ office


Our awesome editing team will edit the footage that you provide and create a captivating final product .


 You have full control and will communicate directly with the editors through the custom communication and work flow portal.


This is great program for the creator who needs to leverage an editing team to save time and increase their quality.

$299 /mo  2 projects

$595 /mo 4 projects

Explore My Town

This is an advanced program with all the support and creative collaboration that you need to design a strategy that allows you to stand out as a Community Leader. The Cadillac of plans.


Complete with





1:1 support.


The Explore My Town program is the ultimate in leverage and support.

Individual Plan $799 / mo

Team / Office  $1495 / mo


the VidPro Certification

Editing Only

My Vid Lab

Explore My Town

Scripting, Editing, Marketing, Coaching and Accountability

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